Sunday, October 21, 2012

Official Visit # 43, Fort Sumner
October 10, 2012

I met early in the morning with this club.  This is a small club.  Three of the five members of this club were in attendance.  We discussed the club and the community and how this club can generate membership.  We also looked at the community and the effect this club has on the community.

We talked about the relevance of the club and the individuals in the town of Fort Sumner.  During the discussion, it was shared that youth is a huge part of the service of this club.  We looked into the possibilities of this club becoming more involved in the educational process at the school, working with the kids and thereby exciting the community in the efforts of Rotary.  We discussed Interact and Earlyact.

As I left this club, I was very thrilled that this club sees its relevance in the community and is far from finished.  They see so much to accomplish and so much that can be done.  This is a growing and exciting club.  I really enjoyed my visit with them.  It was a great time and the future is bright.

Past President Patricia and President John

Me and President John

Official Visit # 49, Northeast El Paso
October 18, 2012

This club is a fun club.  As I arrived early, about 11:30, I was greeted by two gentlemen that took their time to share this club with me.  The club meets in the far Northeast of El Paso and works with Fort Bliss and the soldiers and families. 

This club is very proud of their work in the community and the fundraising success they all have.  The members of the club are open to conversation and enthusiastic about the new and great things that can happen.  The members of the club are fun to be with and very enjoyable.  This was a very congenial meeting and I learned a great deal about their area of the community they serve.

This visit was pleasant and the club made me feel very much at home.  All of the members are very proud of their club and all they do in El Paso.  The monies that this club raises do so much for the community along with the sweat equity that is so important to this club.  I truly enjoyed this visit.

Members coming together for a meeting in El Paso

Sharing ideas with the club.

President Jose and me.

Official Visit # 48, El Paso
October 18, 2012

This visit began with a very well attended board meeting.  The Rotary Club of El Paso is the Grandfather club of the district.  This was the first club in our district and they work at making sure that they live up to that title and the history that goes with it.

During the meeting, I was given the opportunity to present six (6) Paul Harris Fellows.  This club is involved in so many things in the community that it makes your head spin.  It appears that all of the members are involved and feel a great sense of pride in their club.

This was a fun meeting with jokes and jabs being the order of the day.  All of the clubs of El Paso come together and present the District Governor with a pair of Rotary Boots.  It was a little different this year.  Just see the pictures to see the fun we had.  Rotary is alive and well in El Paso and the Grandfather club is one of the great leaders in the Rotary world.

Board meeting with El Paso

President Debbie presented me with District 5520
Governor of the year plaque.  Too funny!

These were the first boots I saw.
Yes sire, clown shoes . Cool huh?
The real boots, sort of.  They will be in soon.

Past RI Director Sonny Brown, Me, Sandy and John Coleman
President Debbie and Me

Official Visit # 47, Gallup
October 17, 2012

I met with the board of this club the evening before at the home of the famous Sammy C.  We had several of the club come together to give me an idea of the club and the direction the club is going.  Our conversations centered on membership and the area they all live in and serve.

This club works wonders on the Navajo Reservation and has a true heart for the region of our country.  As we looked at membership, we also looked at the clubs work in the schools.  They are really looking to develop on the experiences of their RYLA campers by using their enthusiasm to start an Interact club.

The meeting was well attended.  The members of the club were eager to hear new ideas and review the current activities of the club.  This club is looking into the process of establishing a satellite club to increase their membership and the services given by this club.  This club does an incredible job of giving scholarships.  This is an inspiring club.  Everyone needs to visit this club.  Thank you Gallup.

President Julianna

President Julianna and Me

Official Visit # 46, Los Lunas
October 16, 2012

I worked in this area for about three (3) years.  I attended this club as a visiting Rotarian for that time.  I have felt like a member of this club for a long time.  The last time I visited this club was about three (3) years ago. 

There is a saying that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  I could not help but notice that some of my friends were sitting in the same place doing the same things that they did the last time I was there.  This club is still involved with the schools and the universities.  The still give every 3rd grader a dictionary. 

It is a great thing to meet with old friends doing great things for Rotary.  Good friends, old memories, and a vision to serve more to get more done.  This is Rotary in Los Lunas.  A really good time.

Presenting to old friends

President Mike, ADG John and Me